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Velocity vs. Variable

Get a simple breakdown of the core differences between these two ways of thinking about used inventory management.

Let's talk just for a moment about at a high level the difference between Velocity and Variable Management. Velocity Management basically said to you, let's price every vehicle as competitively as possible, as quickly as possible for the fastest possible turn. Basically more turn, the better. Every car, every day, as fast as possible. It very, very much was a one size fits all approach. It was actually remarkably simple to wrap your head around. Why not? Why not? So we went to work on that as an industry. And again, we know what that happened. You know, yes, we got a reprieve in the last couple of years with the pandemic, But, you know, we can see what that led to 17, 18 and 19. It led to that race in the bottom. Well today to me Variable Management or excuse me, Velocity Management starts to look like black and white TV. AM radio. Because what we have today truly are better insights that are driven by real data science. What we now understand, and I think this should make intuitive sense to you that not all cars are the same. Not all cars are the same. Some cars hold much more potential than other vehicles do. And what we can now see very clearly with objective data is the fact that treating them all the same left a lot of opportunity on the table and created the race to the bottom. But we sold some cars so fast, so cheap that we literally left thousands of dollars on the table. So Variable Management, hence the name Variable Management is rooted in the understanding that every vehicle holds a different opportunity, a different potential. And what variable variable management is going to do is I'm about to show you is it's going to take an approach to selling each vehicle uniquely in a tailored way, in a manner designed to optimize the dealer's return on investment on that particular vehicle. So that's the basic difference. Velocity Management, one size fits all. Treat all cars as if they're exactly the same and Variable Management says no, these cars are not all the same. Some are actually much more full of potential than other vehicles are. And what we're going to do is take a sales strategy unique to each vehicle's opportunity for the purpose of optimizing its return on investment.
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