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Strategic, Multi-Channel Sourcing with Global Search

In the ongoing challenge to find profitable inventory, many dealers are going multi-channel with their search. See how the most successful are doing it according to a dealership-wide strategy with Global Search.


In today's market, your biggest challenge can be finding profitable inventory, especially if you're relying heavily on auctions and trade ins, because changes in overall supply and greater upstream competition have made these traditional sources less effective. That's why progressive dealers and industry disruptors are going multichannel. Yes, they're still mining auctions and trade ins, but they're also digging for vehicles across many other sources like service drive appointments, private party listings, Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer leads, and more. However, searching separately across multiple channels can take time, be difficult to master, and therefore doesn't always work. Appraisers and buyers often do their own thing, and in a multi-channel environment, there's even a greater risk of paying too much, buying the wrong car and wasting time looking for vehicles that aren't worth it. Until now, because much of that risk is going away with the introduction of global search for ProfitTime GPS. See, at vAuto we understand the multi-channel sourcing challenge. Since we launched the global acquisition system inside of ProfitTime GPS, dealers have been able to measure and manage the quality of acquisitions across all their channels. But now, at no additional cost, dealers can find, assess and purchase vehicles all in one place with global search. The power of global search starts with establishing your stocking strategy. That is, establishing what are the right cars, price points and segments for your market and defining how many you need to meet your gross and volume objectives. Your stocking strategy helps you balance the inventory you have in stock and need to stock to meet market demand. With your stocking strategy established you can now define a purchasing strategy. That is, define how you want to bring in inventory. As you see here, the nine box, as we call it, allows you to define guidance for all possible scenarios from your stocking strategy on a cross mapping of how much you need a vehicle and how much the market likes it. You can define both your ideal investment score and your bottom floor thresholds. Now this gives global search the guidance it needs to help your team know what they can pay to acquire vehicles in any channel, all while sticking to your strategy and consistently buying inventory right. Now with our stocking and purchasing strategies established, let's take a look at the power of global search. Here we've got a live dealership's global search page. One view with nearly 1 million available vehicles, easily ranked and sorted the way they want it. The first thing to notice is the robust global search filter on the left, with all your sourcing channels in the primary position. Group inventory, now this is inventory at sister stores. Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash offers. Previously missed appraisals. Private party listings. Upcoming service appointments. Lease returns and auctions. Search all channels together or filter them separately. Then while accessing vehicles across any or all of these channels, global search applies your strategy and this is where it really shines. With a single click, it eliminates the noise and it filters for only the vehicles that meet your strategy parameters. And then for each vehicle, it shows your max bid and source estimates. Now these are cost recommendations based on your established targets from your purchasing strategy. So no matter who is appraising or where they are buying, your team knows where to start and land to acquire any vehicle on strategy. And that's just the beginning of the power inside global search. And at the end of the day, don't forget to use it because at no additional cost to ProfitTime GPS, you now have the easiest way to do better multi-channel sourcing in less time. Instantly access nearly 1 million available vehicles, link your stocking and purchasing strategies to the everyday moments of inventory acquisition, and ensure all appraisers and buyers have the guidance they need to meet your dealership objectives. Thank you for watching this video. We hope it helps you use Global Search to buy more cars more right in any channel with a lot less time and effort.

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