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Why Some Vehicles Don’t Have a Score

No score? No problem. Learn why some vehicles in your inventory may not have a ProfitTime score.


Hello and welcome to another video in our series “Winning with ProfitTime”

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Today, we’ll explain why you may have seen a vehicle or multiple vehicles in your inventory list with no ProfitTime score, like this 2022 GMC Sierra here.

There are three common issues that prevent the system from calculating a score:
The average list price is missing or too small,
The spread of prices in the competitive set is missing,
And there are not enough vehicles in the specified competitive set.

Overall, there are eight “ProfitTime Exceptions” — or reasons that ProfitTime will not return a score on a vehicle.

Missing Odometer: ProfitTime needs to know the mileage. Remember, “adjusted” cost-to-market is “adjusted” for mileage.
Missing cost: you can’t grade an investment without the cost.
Market Too Small: ProfitTime needs enough market data to give an accurate score.
Cost too Low: These are vehicles lower than $5k.
Cost-to-market too low: These are vehicles costing under 60% of the market average.
Price spread too large: This indicates a significant price variance in the competitive set.
CarFax Title Issue
And CarFax Major Issues.

Knowing these exceptions, you can always click through to “No Score” vehicles from your dashboard view to clear out as many as possible.

Thanks for spending just a few minutes getting to know this topic. As always you’re encouraged to reach out to your performance manager with any questions. Take care and happy hunting.

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